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12.5.2020 OSSTEM Meeting Online 2020

OSSTEMin koulutusseminaareja ja koulutuskursseja tarjotaan nyt verkossa.

Tallenna päivämäärät ja liity mukaan koulutuksiin.
Pysy turvassa ja samalla kouluta itseäsi.

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Lecture + Live surgery

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EthOss Academy Webinar


Klo 17.00 - 18.00 Suomen aikaa.
My Ethos with EthOss
During this webinar Dr Wasim Fazel will be giving an overview of the bone grafting tools and techniques he uses in his implantology practice to achieve predictable, consistent results. The presentation will include:

• Choice of graft material and the relative benefits and drawbacks of xenografts, allografts and synthetics
• Utilising modern synthetics (EthOss) to achieve predictable and consistent results
• Advice on the preparation, mixing and application of EthOss
• A wide variety of clinical cases from the speakers own personal experience

About the speaker:
Dr Wasim Fazel BDS MFGDP RCS (Eng) MSc Implantology (Goethe), D.I.C.O.I

Wasim has been involved in Implantology since 2008. Having completed his certification from Illapeo, he started his own practice in Ilford which he still runs today.
Since 2010, he was taken on to be a mentor for the NEOSS implant system, and started to regularly tutor dentists in the placement and restorative aspect of implantology. He has continued this mentorship until today where he now teaches all aspects of the NEOSS and NEODENT System.

Wasim completed his Msc in Implantology, and was also awarded the Diploma from the International Congress of Oral implantologists, and is now an accepted tutor for the MSc course in Goethe University in Germany.

Wasim started using EthOss in 2015, and has continually advocated its use in various institutions such as the Perio Academy and more recently in Germany. He has lectured on various topics in implantology, including augmentation techniques.

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Osstem Implant seminaari

Osallistuminen tapahtumiin edellyttää Osstem implanttitapahtumapaketin hankkimisen. OHEM-paketit löydät täältä.